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  • No. 4, 4th Cross, Chikkasandra, Bangalore – 560057


course offered


English, Modern Mathematics, General Knowledge, Art & Craft, Conversation/EVS/Science and P.T., Swimming, Computer Science, Hindi.


English, Second Language (Hindi/Malayalam/French/Arabic/Urdu/Tamil), Modern Mathematics, E.V.S./ Science & Social, Qatar History, Art and Craft, Music, Dance, Physical Education and General Knowledge, Environmental Education. Arabic/Malayalam/Urdu/Tamil/Kannada/Marathi/French/ Hindi as third languages in classes II to V. Those who opt for French/Malayalam/ Urdu/Arabic/Tamil as second language shall learn Hindi as third language. However, Hindi will be taught either as second or third language. Computer Science is included as graded subject in classes I to V.

Payments of Fees

  • Monthly fees should be paid in advance.
  • Fee timings at the fee counter 9.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. only.
  • Fee payment should be paid before 15th of Every Month.
  • Fee payment should be made every month regularly.
  • Avoid delayed payment and having arrears/due would mean no entry to the class room.
  • School Uniform

    Boys & Girls studying in this school should wear their School uniform on all working days unless notified to the contrary on certain occasion.

    Boys: Creamy Stripe Half-sleeved Shirt, Brown Shots/Pant, Brown Tie, Brown Socks with Black Shoes.

    Girls: Creamy Half-Sleeved Shirt/Brown Pinafore/Skirt, Brown Tie, Black Ribbon, Brown Socks with Black Shoes. On Saturdays the children are asked to wear white uniform with house colour shirts, White Canvas Shoes and White Socks.

    The students should be neat, smart and well groomed.

    Note: children should not wear valuable ornaments while attending the school.

    For Admission please Enroll