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Recommendation parents

In order that the pupils may profit to maximum extent from the education that is given to them, parents / guardians are requested to extend their full co-operation.

Progress reports and diaries are to be scrutinized and signed regularly and necessary measures are to be taken for the improvement of the children, Punctuality, Neatness, Discipline and Good Study habits are to be inculcated in the pupils. Here again the maximum co-operation of parents / guardians is required.

Critical remarks about a teacher or the school should be avoided in the presence of the student as this will definitely cause a decline in respect for one’s school and teachers. If there is any legitimate complaint, parents and guardians should discuss the matter with the principal.

As a irregular attendance will necessarily interface with the progress of the pupils, parents should abstain from taking them to weddings, functions, etc., during the working days. Parents must see to them punctuality and attendance of their children in school.

Teens must understand that it is ‘Character’ and not just ‘Competence’, ‘Ethics’ and not just ‘Excellence’ that will go on long way in making of leaders who endure at the top.

Abdul kalam said “if a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key Societal Members who can mould a child-Father, Mother, Teacher”.

Let us be responsible individuals of Society

Let us nature the future leaders!

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